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Have a great start


of your day with a healthy breakfast served in our kitchen-diningroom. All with local produces from Maastricht to make your start of the day a geat one.

If wheather permits you can enjoy your breakfast in the patio garden.


Breakfast is served at our large diningtable. This makes interaction with other guests and us hosts, an easy way to help you plan your day and activities. All at your own pace and comfort.


We are more then happy to help you making reservations or hand you suggestions for fine dining or other local quality restaurants.

Wycker Bed & Breakfast


Matthias Wijnandsstraat 18

6221 AN Maastricht

the Netherlands



Tel: (+31) 06 - 5186 5185

Charles van de Wert & Chantal Knippels


© 2016 Seemaastricht

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